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Literature Gallery Update (22 December)

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 21, 2008, 9:46 PM
what's up in lit today? | LitNEWS FAQ

CR News

Happy holidays from the Lit Team and Community Development! Whether you celebrate Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Festivus (for the rest of us), or just like to spread some winter cheer, we hope you have a fantastic winter season -- and hopefully avoid the power outages from the snow that we didn't. :lol:

For the best up-to-date information on the shenanigans of Community Relations this holiday season, be sure to watch the news and Moonbeam13's journal!

Merry Litmas!

It's that time of year again -- and Litmas is in full swing with a fantastic prose contest for you to spread some holiday cheer.

Write a shot piece of science fiction detailing the rituals and traditions that would be present during the holiday season.

Now, this doesn't just have to be Christmas!! It can be any celebration but there are some ground rules:


:bulletred: The piece must be under 10k ± 200 words (NOT required that it be 10k, it could be 6 if it does the job)

:bulletgreen: Holiday must have some basis in an EXISTING holiday either secular or religious. We must be able to discern which holiday is being worked with.

:bulletred: Piece MUST contain a significant sci-fi tint. (if you're unsure of how to write sci-fi please consult or ) This does not mean that you can simply use a time machine to go back in time and explore the true meaning of Christmas. That simply won't cut it! In fact, the judges will be extremely pleased if there can be no time machines or deus ex machina at all. Call us crazy.

:bulletgreen: Entries must be new and written specifically for this contest. That means the submission date must be after 12.8.08. AND
Must be submitted to Community Projects > Contests > 2008 > The Future of the Holidays  
If it is not, it will NOT be considered for judging.

:bulletred: DO NOT confine yourself to a heavy moral hand. Sometimes the true meaning of Christmas is not taking yourself too seriously. We don't mind thoughtful or realistic pieces, but please, we beg you—don't AIM to bum us out for the holidays. After all, the 29th is :StJoan:'s birthday. Please, think of the ali-ali.

For more information, be sure to check out the news article!

From the Desk of..

:iconstjoan: StJoan

Prose Contest!--The Future of the holidays!!
The Lit Rock Review 3

Christmas Karaoke Competition (Closes 19th Dec)
The December Form Challenge!

<a…"> NaNoWriMo Winners!!

Resourcefully Yours--Lit Templates!

SimplyProse Nov Submissions and Dec Prompts
Tinsel Tales

Dulcet December: Opem Mic Series

November lit DD recap

:iconladylincoln: LadyLincoln

PunknEra's literature latest club article can be found here!

Synith's holiday contest, the deadline February 5th is worth some holiday love!

The-Literati is hosting a Literati Xmas Party and The Literati Book Club, both of which began on December 1st. Be sure to check it out!

mode-de-vie's Holiday Traditions Project is here! The deadline is December 31st.

kiwi-damnation's latest literary challenge: go challenge yourself!

:iconlovetodeviate: lovetodeviate

Miss Aditi has the latest list of important news, contests, resources, and features from the literature community for you to take advantage of:

<Poetry Litmas: Sensing Winter

Write #7: The Best of 2008

Mimesis 5 Released!

Clockwork entries and competition! by Wordspill

TheObviousChild's Workshop: Another Perspective by TheObviousChild

THE LIT LIST:  Issue No. 7

Don't see your contest on the list?  We're only human!  Note the account to let us know.

Of Interest

Notable Clubs and Projects

to add yours, note litNEWS!

Word Count a community project dedicated to bringing recognition to prose writers here on dA.

Visual Lit is an up-and-coming project designed for visual artists to interpret and create art from a piece of writing here on dA.

fotoFRIDAY presents writers an opportunity to beat their writer's block by giving them photography for weekly inspiration.

The 007 Write Off group asks writers to write something new every day of the year.

Writers-Notebook is a a club aimed at the improvement and expansion of ideas by daily themes where artists are asked to write about memories, interpret lyrics, make short stories, and share ideas with fellow writing deviants under both poetry and prose.

Current Resources

Have a resource? Note litNEWS!

Writers in Progress is about to open as a resource for all writers on dA looking to improve. Journals full of writing tips and a new place to encourage reciprocal critique, this looks like the perfect thing to step up where suture left off.

Wudang Mountain is a resource center for haiku, featuring haiku exercises for beginners, general information, and off-site guidance.

Poetry Library offers essays and information on the nature of poetry, metre, the differences between poetry and prose, and other useful tips for writers.

Lit Source is a comprehensive listing of all known lit-related groups and clubs as well as useful tips and literary features on dA.

Mentoring Projects

Starting a project? Note litNEWS!

Adopt-A-Writer is for writers looking for mentors who can help them improve. Check out this new and ambitious project, which is not unlike writers-adoption used to be!

Writers-Workshop is a new community designed around helping writers network and improve. Guest critics can even run their own workshops, so stop on by and see how you can contribute.

Feel like you're writing needs some improvement? Hop on over to the Senior Mentoring Project, where seniors of the deviantART community mentor deviants.

Lit Mags

if you know of a lit mag, note litNEWS!

Mimesis is an international poetry journal run by our very own gallery director, PoeticWar.

Lost Cause Magazine is on its fifth quarterly magazine, releasing new issues through with writing from around deviantART.

Soundzine features recordings of poetry and prose, journals, and art and photography.

:postit: 'Bottom of the World' magazine is a fledgling literary magazine based in the UK but accepting submissions from the world over. It seeks to show off new prose (and poetry) to an unsuspecting world.

:postit: Fuselit
Fuselit is a lit mag based in the UK which has contributing artists, musicians, and writers create their works based off of one word.

:postit: Catharsis Magazine, created by so-kind and WildMonkey, is an art and literature magazine focusing on self-expression.

:postit: Read This Magazine

:postit: Semaphore

:postit: 365 tomorrows

:postit: The Gunthan

:postit: CRAM Magazine

:postit: Renegade Magazine

See anything we missed? Want to add a blurb about your 'zine? Be sure to note litNEWS with the information!

Project: Educate

For those of you who missed it, here are the articles from Lit's official week of the AR initiative, Project: Educate:
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